The Ripple

If you are very fortunate in life there are people who “get” you. My personal list happens to be on the short side. My life’s path has been blessed by many people, and yes, some of you have been really lovely but let’s be honest most of you don’t  “get” me. The pool of people in my life (people that I hold near and dear to my heart and soul) is rather small. I have never been quite sure if  I can attribute that to my unwillingness to meet new people or to the fact that most people are too judgmental and hurtful. Recently this pool of mine has lost some members. There was no lapse in coverage or a failure to renew. Their life cycles just stopped spinning.

Now, even though it is not true, I feel like I am spinning all alone. My cousin Mike was a kind, unique human being; and just like a flash of lightning he is gone.  Once again I find myself in the place of regrets, with thoughts unspoken and deeds undone. How did our lives end up on opposite shores? How do I tell you how much you have always meant to me? I can’t.  I can only hold onto my belief that somehow you know how golden we once were, before life and dreams of adulthood separated our paths. You will always live in my heart where I hold onto all the wonderful things from my life. You always made me laugh. You always listened when I was certain no one heard.  You were more than a ripple in the wave of my life. I owe you more than I can ever pay forward. You were one of the reasons I learned to fly. I hope you know that you are loved. I will forever miss you. Rock the Heavens. Lord knows they could use better music.

A ripple seems like a small thing until you realize how big its impact is. Be the ripple in the waves of someone’s life. wave


I Call Your Name


I swear sometimes I can hear the granola whispering in the cupboard. I am an impulse snack buyer/try-er(which left unwatched becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse) I write out a shopping list every week. Mine has all the usual and customary items: coffee, milk, yogurt,cookies,(can’t blame a girl for hoping) you know things you need; toilet paper, toothpaste, laundry soap,cookies, fruit, veggies, etc. I make a list before I leave to cut down on my cruise controlling while I am in the store. I look through weekly flyers for the grocery stores I am partial to going to. I try to set myself up to succeed in my efforts so that when I stroll through the doors in the early morning hours of Saturday to get weighed in I will feel confident knowing that I did my damned best to be a success.

Sometimes I swear the granola is whispering in the cupboard to the peanut butter about starting a revolt. I stopped buying smooth PB because he tempted me too much. Now I am dating his cousin PB2. He 2 is smooth but quieter and I am in a much better relationship with him than I ever was with his cousin. Amen for the quiet guys{wink}!

I was just thinking, ” you know it’s too bad someone couldn’t invent powdered chocolate…” and of course, dumbass! cocoa is powdered CHOCOLATE. I swear the granola is plotting, either that or I am sleep(cookie)deprived. It is way past my bedtime. Note to self: in the morning send the granola packing, things are not working out between us and the time has come for us to meet others who are healthier for our well being. Its been real but you have to go now.

Good night



Syncope? Well, almost…

Someone should have warned me to keep my hands inside the ride! You are at an amusement park. You have been waiting in line for over an hour to ride the “NEXT GREATEST RIDE” in all of the world. An attendant takes your ticket, you alight to your seat, someone comes along to make sure you are seated in an upright secure position, and just before that cutsie attendant flips the switch to START they throw out the legal and customary jargon “you are about to embark on a dangerous ride, blah, blah, blah, please keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times.” Well nobody warned me about this roller coaster!Roller_Coaster_Rules

In January I had an episode of irregular heart beats. I have been to a cardiologist. I was extremely relieved when the doctor told me my heart is fine! Yes, happy me ( I am jumping up and down, you just can’t see me). Seems it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling me, “Our fun together is not over. We are racing toward a new path called, MENOPAUSE! Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. You may experience turbulence and other strange and maniacal changes. Really? I finally make it to middle age and she wants to pick a fight with me?

Things have been going along quite well. Now when I feel my heart doing it impression of flight of the bumblee

I simply take a few deep breaths and calmly talk myself down from the rising panic I feel. Soon my rhythm returns to its norm and all is well in my world, until this Wednesday. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, lovingly paid for with my vacation time. What should have been a joyous few days off turned into a roller coaster ride I was ill prepared for. Amazing to me how sometimes Life just balls up her fists and wants to challenge you to a duel. I am learning to be calm while I am trapped (with supplies, cable and heat) in the house. I was almost happy to spend Tuesday indoors during the storm. I avoided watching the news and I found ways (chores) to keep myself busy. I will not bore you with the details of the shovel fest that took place as I am sure many of you reading this took part in your own version. Hubby and I got up fairly early on Wednesday morning with big plans of hanging out together, getting things done and enjoying each other {wink, wink} but I woke up feeling off. Maybe I was getting my Spring cold?

I shrugged it off. There was much coffee (half-café because it is better for your heart) drinking in the morning. I was getting the laundry sorted, picking up around the house, playing video games…I never ate breakfast, 1st BIG MISTAKE. Coffee, even when it is powered down, is not good on an empty stomach. Hubby and I headed out for a light lunch. I did eat most of my lunch but as I was not feeling well I really only picked at my food. My hubby knew I wasn’t feeling well. I knew he knew because when something doesn’t work for me I will tell you every five minutes or so just in case I might not have mentioned in the last hour. Bad habit, all mine!!! sorry, not sorry; this is how my worry manifests itself.

One might think that I am wise beyond my years but that is a lie. I am strong-willed. Surprised? NO? I didn’t think so. I wasn’t going to let my illness get in my way. I informed my hubby I was off to see a man about a new set of tires for our Jeep. I dropped my dear one off at the house and went along my merry way to another venture. I should have just stayed home, 2nd BIG MISTAKE. Things were going along swimmingly at the tire store but my discomfort was growing. I was getting antsy pants sitting in the waiting area and the feeling I had been trying to ignore all day about being off was suddenly knocking at my chest. I asked to use the restroom. I barely made it through the door. Why is my vision fading out? my ears are ringing? Oh boy I feel so queasy. I somehow managed to lock the door behind me and sit down(hard) on the toilet seat. I stripped off my winter coat and in the process tore my hoodie and t-shirt off with it at the same time! Great! Now I am sitting in a public restroom(yikes! and yuck!) in my bra and jeans fighting to stay conscious! In case no one has ever told you, adrenaline is awesome!!! in small doses!

I am in full panic mode. Somehow I manage to text hubby that am I very sick and that I am in the bathroom at the tire store. I was so scared. Imagine this. If I pass out, someone will break down the door. I will be found sprawled on the floor wearing a bra and jeans. This terrifying thought helped me to focus on staying alert. My terror lasted fifteen L_O_N_G minutes. I have never come this close to fainting in public in the entirety of my life. My skin clammy, my breathing ragged, my vision fading, my ears ringing. After many cold paper towels on my face while chanting “do not pass out do not pass out” I could feel myself getting better. I sent hubby a text, redressed myself and got the hell out of Dodge as quickly as the tire tech guys could set me free.

I am fine! Low blood pressure with a side of low blood sugar, no Bueno! Taking care of yourself means learning to listen to what your body is telling you! Lesson learned!

The Pause That Refreshes

like a tall glass of ice cold lavender lemonade on a scorching hot day. I think about my Saturday WWs meeting this way; a pause in an otherwise busy life. Once a week I weigh in, find my motivation and strength to face another challenge. Let’s face it life is hectic. Mine is filled with work, hobbies, hubby and various and sundry things I neither enjoy or want to participate in; but, adulting is about doing what’s right. Well, it is if you are trying to be a good adult = )

I have learned that my adventure in adulting is a whole lot easier when I am willing, when I am patient(toughest thing), when I ask questions and when I am honest with myself when I need help. I took a leap of faith in myself last February and walked back into a WWs meeting. I have been trying to go faithfully every week and I am proud to say I have missed only 3 or 4 meetings in over a year! There is more to my success though than meets the eye. I feel like it is time for me to sing the praises of the people I have met at my meeting. Here’s to the women who make my meeting fun, informative, inspirational, motivating, and well worth my time. I have come to know that I can lean on you for moral support when I am feeling low. You never tire of the questions I ask. And let’s face it you offer great advice.

This program would be nothing without your help. Amazing to me that each of you was once on my side of the scale. You overcame the obstacle of SELF. I draw inspiration from you whenever I feel myself sliding. I find myself asking, “What would Kathy do?” or  “I want to write a blog post for Danielle!” I worry if Auntie Phyllis is not at my meeting. She may be the sweetest person I have ever met. Is she Okay? I like that Dixie laughs at my weirdness and sometimes gently reminds me to behave when my mischief needs to be managed.  Everyone’s life story has its own path but for one hour a week in the early part of my Saturday you join me in my quest to a better self. I owe you a level of gratitude I can never repay. I look forward to our time together. You make me feel like I can accomplish whatever I work for.

Thank you for being the wonderful people that you are.


That Moment of Honesty

That moment:  an event or a feeling that changes your life path. I have had a few  moments in my time.  That moment when I realized that I meant something wonderful to someone. That moment when you finally understand that you are OK just as you are. That moment when you decide that you are worthy of more than you have allowed yourself to believe. Moments make up your lifetime. We all have bad, uncomfortable moments but it is up to you what you do with them. Don’t let small mistakes become BIG problems. My moments have taught me many things. I am stronger than I thought. I am brave. I am capable. My moments have been valuable beyond measure.

Before I met him I thought I would always be alone. Before I married him I never knew how wonderful love was. Before I understood, I thought I was broken. Before I knew who I was I yearned for something more; now I am enough. Be in YOUR MOMENTS.

I have been on my current weight loss journey for a little over a year. I have been struggling lately but mostly in my head. I am scared that I don’t have what it takes to commit to always trying to make the best choices. I have been actively lying to myself during the month of February about how I can “do this on my own. I can quit WWs!” Really? Trish! How many times do you think you can strike your head on the cement without sustaining an injury? I have heard over and over from my WW leader that no one in their right mind after tripping over one stair picks themselves up and throws themselves down the rest of the staircase but I was willing to try and ALMOST did it!

I will not dwell on the recent misconduct during my private soirée (classy expression for pity party). I was behaving like a tired toddler in serious need of a nap. Tantrum is now over. It is okay to be afraid. Understanding where the fear comes from and working through those fears is new ground for me. There will be more mistakes I am sure but the one mistake I will not make is to stop what I am doing. I am just now starting to enjoy the healthier me. The girl with more energy and passion and willingness to be in the day.

Phase Two of my journey begins. This is the phase I have never ventured too far into before. I need to find an exercise program that I will like, that will grow with my needs. I need to be more aware of the good things that I do for myself. I need to make sure that I get enough water and oil into my daily routine. Code Dingo has been a tough experience for me lately. There is nothing worse than needing to GO, wanting to GO but the guests won’t leave. Whose fault is that? Mine, of course, because I haven’t been paying attention to what my body has been trying to tell me because I have been letting my demons “talk” too loudly in my quiet space. I have been distracted, even a little sad.

I was touched by the concern of a fellow WW. She gently reminded me that she cares about how I am doing. Sometimes you don’t know what you mean to someone else. Ask the questions! Show the concern. Trust me it is worth everything. A simple question can be the spark that lights the candle which shines down the path to a better way. Thank you for that spark   ; )

Never Give Up On The Person You Are Meant To BE   !!!




His hands were thick and stocky. The fingers twisted and knotted from a lifetime of physical labor. He carried each of his daughters with those hands. He threatened to end many a boys lives with those hands; just let one of those boys be foolish enough to harm his girls. Those hands dried tears and helped to wipe runny noses. Those hands were quick to unleash justice from the end of his belt even if his pants threatened to fall down. I miss those hands. When I was a little girl I used to like to watch my Dad’s hands as they worked. He ran a mean a shoe shine kit. I loved watching him fix his car or work on a project or when he let me watch him shave. I would sit quietly on the edge of the sink as my Pop prepped his face for a Sunday before church shave. Everyday before my Dad left for work he would use his electric shaver or a make quick run over his chops with a cheap disposable razor but Sundays were special. On Sundays my Dad went out of his way to be dressed in his absolute best. I miss the smell of Old Spice in the air.

My Dad would stand at the bathroom sink, while hot water filled the basin and he would tell me the stories of his Dad. How his father before him had a straight razor, a strop, a brush, and a mug with a cake of shaving soap. My Dad would wet his cupped hands in the basin drawing hot water up to his face. He’d grab the boar haired brush off its little stand and wet it in the sink. He would spin that brush over the surface of the cake in the mug until the lather spilled out over the edge and I could smell the fragrant soap in the air. He would make the funniest of faces while he dragged that soapy brush all over his face and neck. I was mesmerized by the act of shaving:   rinsing, shaving, lathering, shaving…

I loved to watch my Dad make himself beautiful. When he was finished shaving he’d pour some Old Spice into his hands rub them together quickly and then give his face a few quick slaps. “Good for what ails you” he announced to no one in particular. If I was lucky he’d dab a little on my cheeks and send me on my way. I loved smelling like a hug from my Dad  It made me feel special. =  )

As a child I remember many nights when he came home from work tired, hungry and beaten by the crap of the day. There was always something more to do. Sound familiar? How he looked forward to the weekend. How we all look forward to the weekend, feelings lost on the foolishness of youth but cherished today for what they really mean to an adult.

Now I realize that I was making memories, then I was just loving my Dad for all of the things that made him special to me.

I miss you Pops.